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911 SC TARGA 3.0cc G -Model Matching NR

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911 SC TARGA 3.0cc G -Model Matching NR
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  Porsche 911 G-model

The Porsche 911 G-model is a version of the world famous Porsche 911 produced between 1973 and 1989 by the German manufacturer Porsche AG of Stuttgartand includes the classic Porsche 911 Turbo.
The History of the Porsche 911 G-model
The original Porsche 911 was introduced in 1963. An innovative design, it went through several upgrades and versions and in 1973 the Porsche 911 G-model was introduced. This model was in production for the longest period of any other version of this iconic sports car. The Porsche 911 G-model featured a number of improvements: new ‘bellows-style’ bumpers appeared as a result of the car’s need to comply with new American safety requirements; this also resulted in three point seat belts being fitted as well as integrated head rests being added to seats. Perhaps the most significant innovation in the Porsche 911 G-model was the introduction in 1974 of the classic Porsche 911 Turbo. This car was powered by a three litre engine producing 260 bhp. Another striking new feature to the Turbo 911 was a rear spoiler. The Porsche 911 G-model Turbo has become synonymous with the name Porsche, blending performance, style and luxury in a unique vehicle.
Later versions of the Porsche 911 G-model
After the addition of the Turbo in 1974 the Porsche 911 G-model 1977 saw the addition of a charge air cooler resulting in a power output of 300 bhp from the 3.3 litre engine. This made the Porsche 911 G-model the highest performing car in its class. Previously, the Porsche 911 G-model had seen a change in the production of bodies and the issue of corrosion was addressed by the use of body panels galvanised on both sides; this allowed Porsche to offer initially a six year and then a seven year warranty. This innovative technique has made the Porsche 911 not only famous for performance and luxury but also durability. In 1983 the Porsche Carrera was introduced, replacing the Porsche 911 SC in 1983. The same year also saw the arrival of digital engine electronics, or DEE; this was coupled with the non turbo engine and was responsible for all elements of the combustion process, resulting in improved performance and fuel consumption. The Porsche 911 G-model was also available as a cabriolet and with a targa top. The Porsche 911 remains an iconic sports car associated with prestige, performance and enormous success at racing, including victories in the 24 hour Le Mans races.
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911 SC TARGA 3.0cc   G -Model Matching NR
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