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Take a peek inside the next Land Rover Defender >> ... See moreSee less

Take a peek inside the next Land Rover Defender >>


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I hope they still have a Marina ignition key and a handbrake wedged into your left leg...

Maxime Masureel

Darren Claire

Should still look good after 10 years on the farm ..

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The BMW M NEXT concept points to the next i8 hybrid supercar >>
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The BMW M NEXT concept points to the next i8 hybrid supercar >>


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It’s ok but a bit like a clumsy Esprit rip-off. I can love with the slab sides but those piggy headlights... 🤢 And those rear lights are the worst I have ever seen on anything. It just doesn’t look like a BMW. Weirdly, the grille is fine. 😆

Super cars are getting interchangeable. Easily put a Ferrari/ McLaren badge on instead of BMW

BMW Lost its once stated undertone luxury styling that once made it an icon. Its design language is getting more and more bastardized by someone internally sabotaging these companies or possibly a country doing it - The Koreans ? NEEXXXXXXT

Harrison Warren

Lamine Krioua Anouar Liverpool Amine Tarek Tarek Mesut Ararem حسين صيد Oussama Telha Hocine Baidarov😁😁😁😁

Minati new i8

Alejandro Zamora Rangel

Jun Kim배민재 bmw의 몰락

About as bland as an Audi.

Okasan, look what I made in origami class today!



Did they name it after the sound you make when you consider something briefly then discard it for the following alternative?

Whats with the red?

Oh please 🤮

I hate when you run out the right coloured Lego and have to make do with any colour.

Wow this is ugly

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Torque titan! This is the new Audi SQ8...


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Ash Channing

Emelyn Davies Bryce Davies

Conor Murphy

Jakob Dyrup Jensen

Nico von Wielligh

Is a beautiful SUV!



Andreas Alberj

James Chiang 🤤 basically an Urus

Hasan Kasem Fawaz Al Halwani

Vasu Aggarwal

Messaoud Krioua

Utah Ohtake

Bruno Costa

Are Audi and BMW having a worlds biggest grill competition?

Just as a question, how much should EV box like cost and what autonomy would be like EV? So, for (stupidly) expensive 80000 you can get this, in reality with 7 l/100 km you can make >>1000 km with full tank... more if it's bigger then 70l. When EV would be in that point and for ehat price? Its quite clear why they want to cut the diesels.

The biggest Audi SUV until the SQ12 soon at your dealerships.

Oh yes please! 😍🔥

That may be the ugliest front end of any car ever made!

Gabriel Zapata

Naaman Iqbal

Mary Alelvi Magaña

Sashane Moodley 👏🏽

Cuby Ali

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CAR Magazine

Time to test the new Tesla Model 3 in the UK for the first time. Does it live up to the hype? ⚡️
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Video image


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always this same omission in the fuel price comparison: the difference is taxes. It's the state twisting our arm in favor of one industry vs another, eg, towards the more successful lobbyist. Why do you always omit this information and how it that journalism?

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Toppling the titan! Audi's updated R8 and the McLaren 570S think they're hard enough to take on the new 992...
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Toppling the titan! Audis updated R8 and the McLaren 570S think theyre hard enough to take on the new 992...


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I remember seeing them pre-test.

There is one contest the Audi can’t lose and that’s the sound of a real sports car.