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Streetside posing power, as the new McLaren 720S Spider unveiled overnight strips from tin-top to alfresco roadster in 11 seconds flat ... See moreSee less


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Minh Hue đẹp xuất sắc:)

With the massively improved chassis rigidity of modern drop top sports cars it is a wonder why they bother making coupe's. I know people will tell me its weight, but 50kgs, vs profile and awesome sound, I know which is a compromise worth having.

Amazing! This McLaren mechanism was working without braking down for whole 11 seconds!

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This haunting picture of stockpiled VW Group cars abandoned in California’s Mojave Desert after the Dieselgate emissions scandal has won National Geographic's photo of the year contest.
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This haunting picture of stockpiled VW Group cars abandoned in California’s Mojave Desert after the Dieselgate emissions scandal has won National Geographics photo of the year contest.


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Lik les voitures kich yetramaw 😔 Oussama Adnen

Though not one of the stockpiles US trucks with gas guzzling V8’s that avoid the emissions controls......funny that.

Probably some very nice cars in there. Such a waste.

If there is a spare Audi A6 3.0 TDI 272 hp in there, I will gladly take another one

What a waste.

Hmmmm, I reckon this lot is more of an environmental issue than any paultry variations in their emissions results..... as usual the green looney fringe and their unintended consequences

If only there was something else diesel engines ran on, like pretty much anything combustible. French fry Passats!😁

Abandoned airliners in that very same desert. I think the cost of a dozen of these would be worth more than the entire lot of VW cars...😜

Such a waste,...Good cars. Please can I have one?

Petar Penchev

I’d take any one of them

Rajat Malhotra

Did VW make that Plane also

and we bailing automakers out?? smh

Interesting environmental impact, will they be scrapped or maybe shipped to another country.....

Wait... these are all the cars that had engines built to last a long time and ignore the emissions regulations which kill the cars after only a few years from build up of carbon in the inlets. Look at any manufacturer that was found to be "cheating" or have "worse" emissions than most. They have reliable cars. Its that simple. In short, THESE are the GOOD VW's going to waste!

VW should haves sold all their cars to Africa where there is no severe restriction on polluted engines. This way they would have limited losses.

Saw something like this in September but in another state full of diesel VW group cars.

Perhaps there are a few T5 + T6 vans pre-rusted they could do with dumping them, seeing as VW haven’t managed to solve the issue in 10 years

I wonder how much pollution was created getting all those cars there....

Bosch should have bought them all for a dollar and then converted them to EV’s.

There were a few VW diesels parked in a small vacant lot in my city. They were brand-new and collected quite a bit of dust but they are all gone now. Since all these cars were built in Mexico, they could easily be sold in Latin America starting with Mexico. There is huge demand for personal transportation in Mexico from the middle classes and the old Beetles need to be replaced, especially in Mexico City where they are used as taxis.

That's an outrageous waste..😤 hopefully most can be recycled

It has been estimated that just one container ships, the length of around six football pitches, can produce the same amount of pollution as 50 million cars. The emissions from 15 of these mega-ships match those from all the cars in the world.

Best place for them. Crap cars. Not like they used to be before the 80’s. Just living of a name. Paying for the badge 😂.

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CAR Magazine

It’s the new £237,000 McLaren 720S Spider, unveiled tonight with a flurry of retractable hard-top gymnastics. Fastest supercar striptease (11sec close➡️open), 1332kg dry weight, electrochromatic roof-glass tints and more besides >>
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Andy time to remorgage

They have bigger lineup than VW...someone should call Ron Dennis

Marc Chan

Wow! Amazing colour

First drop top that looks right roof up and down

Martin Johnston


eu tenho um dese da hot weeus e é branco

Aventador S costs nearly double the Mclaren but the Mclaren will smoke it still but at the end that Lambo is mine because:#NOTHING_BEATS_A_ITALIAN_V12

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CAR Magazine, too bad it is impossible to getyour magazine even if you are a subscriber. It is December, the last copy I got is June (subscription until March 2019) and Bauer even stopped replying to my emails. Shame!

Car Mag editors, take this seriously!

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