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Testing the new hybridised Honda Jazz - what's behind the cute face?
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Testing the new hybridised Honda Jazz - whats behind the cute face?


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Honda just... cannot make it right. One more blow from 🇯🇵.

Looks like a 15 year old new car from that angle. Shades of Oltcit?

Looks like it’s sucking it’s teeth back in...

A sixty year old driver? 😜

"Cute"??!! 😂 🤮

Fiat? 😂

It looks like somebody punched a fish in the face.

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A picture of the new 2021 BMW M4 has appeared online
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A picture of the new 2021 BMW M4 has appeared online


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I do like it, slight hint of this though

Long gone are the days of a good looking BMW, they maybe great to drive but don't drive past any reflective surfaces. Not a good look

Please!! It was better with the camouflage on.

Looks better without the front number plate. think the US will benefit here.

Did they experience problems with it overheating on test?

Possible the worst looking grill ever put on a car.

It'll look great in the metal.

Looks like an updated Edsel.

Looks like goofey needs to clean his teeth, they are black !

Blacked out grill helps But if the rest of the car is also black you may not notice

Oh dear! I want to like it but I just don’t get it 🤢

At least it doesn’t look like a Kia.

Tom still can’t work out if the grill with a UK number plate to hide most of it is hideous

My eyes are bleeding....


A new rodent species!

Has this one been in a front end smash?

Reminds me of something......



Graeme McArthur

Ned Sayer

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Inside Land Rovers Defender factory


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Might be the first ever Land Rover that’s built well without electrical gremlins. Here’s hope. My VW is built in Bratislava next to its Porsche and Audi cousins and it is rock solid. Nothing has ever gone wrong.

Wow, I did not know. The new Defender is made in a brand-new factory in Slovakia. Do you know who else builds cars in Slovakia? Peugeot. And they closed an older plant in France with the loss of a few thousand jobs. You are warned Land-Rover staff.

“Unless you've been stranded off-road”.... in what vehicle I wonder....

So sad.....if I want a foreign 4x4 it would be a something cheaper and just a good.

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Confirmed for UK sale later this year: the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake adds a slinky estate to the range for 2020's facelift. Full details here:
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Confirmed for UK sale later this year: the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake adds a slinky estate to the range for 2020s facelift. Full details here:


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I think we can call this a 'fail'. Bit of a missed chance....

Don't know how much money VW has in their coffers that they can pay billions towards the dieselgate whilst at the same time still release cars which are only going to sell in tiny numbers...

A cheap kettle is more reliable than VW’s nowadays.

They put a Scirocco in the photocopier and pressed “enlarge”?

So VW has a luxury brand but insists on making luxury models under their affordable brand. As always nobody will buy it.

It’s the new Passat

This is rather cool, I’d say 👌

No emission fraud?

Not convincing from this angle



Michael Michael

Simone Keys Bryan Hill

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Ford reveals new Mustang Mach 1 for 2021


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Look at the body roll on that thing.